Why Play Futsal?

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Have you ever played soccer? If so, you will love Futsal. Futsal is a quick-paced, exciting form of indoor soccer, often played on a basketball court, with five players per side. The game is a sprint. Plays get set up instantaneously, with quick, controlled passes and close-range shots. Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is the only form of indoor soccer recognized by FIFA, (Federation Internationale de Football Association), the international governing body of soccer.


Futsal offers the same benefits as the 11 side outdoor game with focus and more opportunity of development as the number of touches on the ball are 5 times greater than in soccer. The skills, strategies and tactics used inside can be easily applied on the full pitch.

Ball Touches

In a statistical analysis, futsal athletes touch the ball 201% more than athletes who played walled soccer.

Ball Control

Futsal is all about ball control. With touch lines, smaller pitch, constant pressure from the opponent ball skills and technique are required

Speed of Play

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Why Play Futsal?

“For the future, it is a cast-iron certainty that the fertile ground provided by futsal will produce a host of the biggest names of tomorrow.” – FIFA

The four-second restart rule ensures that play is continuous and the pace fast. Quickness in thought and action provides non-stop ball movement.

“If it wasn’t for futsal, I wouldn’t be the player I am today.” – Cristiano Ronaldo
Fun. Furious. Fast. Futsal!

Take your soccer skills to a new level and see what helps make great soccer athletes!

Mandatory Support

Futsal is 5-a-side so the team must work together to maintain possession of the ball. Passing is critical as is finding the open spot on the pitch.


Unlike the outdoor game, player do not have time to stand on the pitch. Action is continuous and movement is fluid.


Everyone participates in the match strategy and everyone is a strategic part of the success of the team. This promotes tactical knowledge of the game.

Improved Shooting

The ball is smaller and heavier and demands a precise strike. The goals and penalty area are also smaller demanding accuracy.

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