Posted by Edwin Saraccini on Sep 05 2012 at 08:18AM PDT

Invites & Welcomes all already formed teams to participate in the tournament.

Individual Players are also welcomed and encouraged to contact the League for information on how to be part of this tournament and Enjoy The Action, Soccer Action, through the game of Futsal.

Futsal is indoor soccer played between two teams of five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. In addition, each team may have up to seven substitutes. Unlike some other forms of indoor soccer, the field is delimited by lines and it is played in a soft wooden surface such as the one in a basketball court. Futsal, as it is called in many countries, is played with a #3 or #4 ball, which is slightly heavier and smaller than the one used in outdoor soccer.

The main objective of FUTSAL is to foster a learning environment wherein players can develop their skills and knowledge of the sport of soccer. The greatest measure of success comes when a child grows the personal desire to continue playing the game and improving on his/her skills.

Though most children have a natural tendency to enjoy playing games, a true appreciation and aptitude for the sport of soccer must be nurtured through active participation and proper instruction of the sport.

Part of the effectiveness of Futsal is that it contributes to the player’s needs of development, “the main objective”.

Futsal achieves this objective by:

  • Allowing the player to increase the number of touches on a soccer ball
  • Providing a higher number of goal scoring opportunities.
  • Encouraging players to retain possession of the ball as a productive, fun, and rewarding part of the game.
  • Maximizing active participation and minimizing inactivity and boredom.
  • Providing a well organized playing environment within improvised fields.
  • Reflecting the philosophy of player development expressed in provincial and national coaching schools.
  • Eliminating complicated rules such as off sides that may hinder children from playing.
  • Making the game more beginner Coach Friendly because of its simplicity, thus making easier the interaction between coach and player.

In conclusion, Futsal allows the game to be the teacher.

Please visit our “REGISTRATIONS” webpage to register.


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